Smoked BBQ Meatloaf

Well with our families schedule completely up for grabs due to a myriad of things I thought I’d make meatloaf for a reheat meal during the week and some sandwiches.  First off what I did was finely dice some green peppers and some onions.  I first sautéed the green peppers and then after a little bit put the onions on the skillet.  I had bought 1.5 of ground chuck and 1lb of ground pork so there would be lots of it.  Once done sautéing I blended the ground peppers, onions and about 2 or 2.5 cups of fried french onions (think breadcrumbs with a little flavor).  I then put that mixture plus 2 eggs, some worstechire sauce and about a spoonful of BBQ sauce and mixed it up and formed into a loaf.


I let the Egg get to a good temp of 350 using the indirect method. Means I put the platesetter in with some cherry and apple chunks to give some smokey flavor.

Now I do make my own BBQ sauce and with the family members I have to keep it sweet although I prefer mine with more of a kick. It’s a ketchup based sauce and really is so good.

Here is the finished product of the meatloaf.

Finished Meatloaf

In all, this was the first time making the meatloaf on the Egg and I honestly will never put one in the oven again! The slight smokey flavor was so good. I was hoping to have this for leftovers throughout the week but alas my 8 year old son (Peyton), his friend, 6 year old daughter (Kailyn), 4 year old son (Carter) and myself devoured the 2.5 lb meatloaf and left just one plate left. However, Carter just finished that about 20 minutes ago. So the plan to have left overs for lunch and such did not work. Next time I’ll just make 2.


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2 Responses to Smoked BBQ Meatloaf

  1. Diane Komrska says:

    looks real good

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