Smoked Chuck Roast

After my fail last week of trying to make lunches for the week of work I thought I’d make some chopped beef on the Green Egg today since the weather was gorgeous, heck who am I kidding I cook outside no matter the temp or any type of weather. So I took out a chuck roast last night to defrost and liberally rubbed this morning with some Stubbs All Purpose BBQ rub.

I set the Egg up for smoking. Platesetter legs up with a polish homemade disposable drip pan filled with some liquid. What is this polish homemade disposable drip pan you ask? It’s basically tin foil made into a pan shape to catch the drippings. I got the Egg stabilized at about 250 and put some Oak chunks on the coals with 2 on the hot coals. You can actually see the homemade drip pan underneath the roast.

It was on there for about 3.5 hours or so when the family got hungry and wanted some pizza on the Egg. So it got enough of the smoke that I wanted and I too was hungry for some pizza so I moved it inside to the oven. Once it was done I chopped it up and poured some of my homemade BBQ sauce on it in the zip lock bag and it’s ready to go for sandwiches throughout the week. Can’t wait for lunches throughout the week now!

Chuck roast is such a great cut of meat for many reasons. #1 it’s cheap #2 it’s versatile and can make many different meals.


About eddiek76

Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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  1. Diane Komrska says:

    Looks good

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