Good Old American Classic

In addition to making the chicken I was going to make dinner for everyone yesterday. Peyton had his buddy over after school and according to his friend “Your dad is an awesome cook” so definitely need to uphold that. So knowing how picky 8 year olds can be I made some cheeseburgers on the grill. I also made some asparagus wrapped in prosciutto for myself. I reheated the egg and let it get to about 425 which I thought was a real good temp to sear in these burgers. Not gonna lie though I was lazy yesterday and just got the premade patties at Kroger. I seasoned them up with some of the Cow Lick Steak Dizzy Pig seasoning which I must say is the best seasoning I’ve ever tried.

For anyone who says “you can’t mess up burgers” I definitely disagree. The key is to get it on a HOT grill and let it release from the grates. The meat will tell you when it’s time to flip. Also, whatever you do NEVER PUSH DOWN or PRESS DOWN on the burgers. You are releasing all the juice from the burgers! The final tip is don’t keep flipping the burgers. Flip just once and that’s it.

I honestly love asparagus and can eat it without the prosciutto but it definitely takes it up a notch! Of course nobody else in my family would even dare touch it which is fine more for me 🙂

This was an easy dinner and something that I know the entire family enjoys.


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Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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  1. griffinsgrub says:

    You’ve been busy getting your blog up and running. It looks good. I like the theme you are using. I’ve been thinking about switching mine up a bit. Keep up the good work and add some links to other blogs like me and Smoki’ Gal.

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