Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot…

Jalapenos and me are a love affair that I’ve had since I would bug my dad about having jalapeno eating contests when I was a teenager. I still remember watching the beads of sweat that would come down my dad’s forehead while he was saying “It’s good.” I have yet to reach the age where heat bothers me and I’m old at least in my wife’s eyes. So today I thought I’d do a little appetizer on the Egg and stuff some jalapenos. You can honestly use whatever you want but I just used cheese (pepper jack for me) and bacon. You can stuff it with whatever you want and I’ve seen lots of different concoctions.

I sliced them open, removed the seeds and the membrane. For more heat don’t remove as much of the membrane but definitely remove the seeds cause that’ll get in the way of stuffing. Also, remember to never rub your eyes while doing this (done that a while back and remember flushing my eye for what seemed like an eternity). I then would cut off some of the cheese and slice the bacon slice in half (it was thick cut bacon so it definitely worked that way.

I let my egg stabalize to a temp of about 300 over some Oak wood chunks and put them on….You know when they are done when the bacon is nice and crispy.

They came off in about an hour and 15 minutes. Short of the 90 I expected but I was using a 300 temp as opposed to 250. They were delicious and the Summer Shandy certainly cooled things down when it got a little hot in my mouth! Again, you can stuff these with anything. I’ve seen Lil’ Smokies, with cream cheese and some spices…The world is your oyster with this. Remember, have fun and experiment!


About eddiek76

Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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