March Madness and Pizza Overload!

My favorite time of the year is here and that’s March Madness! I took Thursday and Friday off of work just for that well and my wife being out of town also so someone would be around with the kids at night. So what else am I too do except cook on the Egg especially since it’s been in the 80’s and sunny all week! Whenever we have pizza I can’t get sausage or onions on it because nobody else in the family likes it so I thought “I’m home alone and it’s time.” So I started with the pizza dough which I got from NakedWhiz website which is a site dedicated to Kamado style cookers…

1 1/2 cups of warm water
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
2 tsp of Kosher Salt
3 3/4 cups of Bread Flour (I use unbleached but I don’t think it matters)
1/2 cup of corn meal (yellow or white not sure it matters)
2 tsp of sugar
2 tsp of rapid rise yeast

I put in my breadmaker on the dough or pizza cycle in that specific order. I also make a little well for the yeast from the flour like you would traditionally but not sure that matters in the breadmaker or not. Takes about 90 minutes and when done you can either use right away or put in a sealed bag with a little bit of olive oil to coat the bag so it doesn’t stick.

I rolled out the pizza (and yes I know it’s not a perfect circle, my wife makes them perfect circles but me not so much) added the sauce and the onions

Onion added to the Pizza

Then put on the sausage I cooked up. I thought about this after I found the onion but putting the onion in with the sausage would’ve been even better

Now the best part for me on any pizza is the cheese. I always put A LOT of cheese on my pizza

Set up my Egg for the Pizza. Platesetter legs down (you can also do legs up some prefer that) and then I used the little green legs to lift the pizza stone off the platesetter so it heated evenly. Had my fire going at 600-650 but most of the time it was right around 625 and preheated everything for about 30 minutes that my stone was ready. You might ask “Why the parchment paper under the pizza?” I do that because it’s much easier to get off the pizza from then a pizza peel. I put that on the stone and let it crisp up and then lift up the pizza crust from the paper and it’s good to go.

Now normally I like my cheese more well done than this but obviously that’s a personal preference. I pulled it just a few minutes early as I was getting VERY hungry!

The crust was perfect and crunchy and the pizza was fantastic! Makes me hungry this morning just looking at it again! Today is another day in the 80’s and I think I’m gonna make some stuffed jalapenos over some oak chunks. More on that as it happens!


About eddiek76

Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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