I want my Baby Back Baby Back Ribs….


Long time no post! Sorry for the huge delay in posting but I haven’t made much of anything super interesting lately and with my son’s baseball schedule it does make it harder to make long meals on the weekends. Anyhow………….. We moved back to Chicago and the thing I was most concerned about outside the children being of clear mind was my Egg being taken care of properly. The movers scared me one time but overall they did a great job! I decided to make some baby back ribs on Saturday and my mom has not been feeling well and well my dad he ummm doesn’t cook all that well 🙂 Love you Dad but it’s the truth. So I went to a meat market I thought I’d give a try and see how they were. Overall was impressed with their selection and thought the ribs were very good quality ribs. They had the membranes removed ahead of time. If you are making ribs always make sure you remove the membrane it makes for a much more pleasant experience when eating them! So in the move I didn’t have any of my stuff to make my own rubs and i was not about to go out and buy it so I just went with Stubbs All Purpose Rub. Outside of Dizzy Rub I really like Stubbs. I coated the ribs generously with the rub and literally rubbed it into the meat. Normally I like to have this sit overnight but hey I didn’t have that kind of time. I got a consistent temp on the egg of about 250 and threw in some pecan chunks for smoke. The Egg place I went to did not have a knock off version so I had to buy the regular BGE lump which I thought was even better then the knock off version that’s made by the same company. I had 4 racks and I just put them on top of each other and just rotated them on an hourly basis. Really didn’t notice much difference between any of them.

One other thing that I did throughout the cook was spray the ribs with some apple juice to keep them moist throughout the cook.

The smell that was coming from the Egg with the pecan wood and ribs was fabulous!

This picture is after one hour of smoke before I rotated them from the bottom to the top and reseasoned with some Stubbs

This is after the 3rd hour. I did the 3-2-1 method. Which is 3 hours of smoke, 2 hours of foil, 1 hour of out of foil and put some sauce on it to make a glaze.


This method has really worked well for me in the past and it continues to do so. Once I put it in the foil, I put some butter on it, apple juice and some brown sugar and tightly wrap up with foil.

Here are the ribs after I sauced them up. Didn’t have anything to make my homemade BBQ sauce but Lisa found some Guy Fieri Brown Sugar and Bourbon BBQ sauce which had a really great taste to it!


These ribs were making me so hungry that perhaps I cheated and stoke 2 ribs and shared them amongst everyone to give them a taste of what was coming! Dang they were good already and I still had about 30 minutes to go.

Here is the MONEY SHOT! Look at that smoke ring! That’s my moms plate as we plated them up with some homemade smashed potatoes and some fresh green beans!


My dad said “I don’t even have to put sauce on them they are so good” He continued to eat and eat some ribs! My oldest son loves ribs and he had probably about 3/4 of a rack himself! I must say they were fantastic and Jim’s Meat Market in Darien really gained some future business from me.


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