Getting some mojo….Mojo Pork Loin that is…

I just love the flavors of a mojo marinade on pork, flank steak really anything. My wife bought a 5.5 lb pork loin and I figured this would be good for 2 meals. My trusty sous chef (7 year old daughter)helped with the marinade which consisted of

2/3 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of Olive Oil
6 garlic cloves (I cut this cause my wife sometimes gets sick from too much garlic)
1 teaspoon of cumin, black pepper, salt and oregano ( I didn’t measure these persay but just eyeballed it)

I put the loin in the marinade for about 6 hours and would’ve loved it to be longer but not every cook can be perfectly planned out.

I got the Egg up to about 350 and set it up for indirect cook. I planned on about 90 minutes or so to get the temp up to 155. I let it go a little past 145 which is the min. recommended temp since some people are still leery about having pork at that temp. I’m not one of them but I cook to my audience.


This pic is after about 95 minutes of cookin.

The skin was so tasty and crunch


I let it rest for about 20 minutes so the juices would redistribute. Let me tell you this loin was so juicy and tender it was ridiculous. You didn’t need a knife to cut it and even without wood being used it produced a great smoke ring. I had sides of rice and black beans. I honestly could eat black beans all day long!


This made me want to make my mojo on a flank steak with some tortillas in the near future!


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Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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4 Responses to Getting some mojo….Mojo Pork Loin that is…

  1. Brian says:

    That looks great!!! Did you use any wood chips for smoking or anything? It looks like you got a nice smoke ring on the meat.

    • eddiek76 says:

      No I actually didn’t use any. However, those might’ve had some pecan chunks left in there from a previous cook but it did have a nice ring! And was so tasty! Thanks for following!

      • Brian says:

        Groovy! I found a pork loin in the deep freeze today that I’m thinking will get your Mojo treatment on Sunday! I don’t have any pecan, but I might toss some apple chips in there.

      • eddiek76 says:

        Marinate that thing overnight! It will be even deeper in flavor! Gotta love the Big Green Egg!

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