We Wokked It Out Last Night

So last week I finally got my spider and wok. For those not familiar the spider allows you to do some cooking on a wok on your Egg. You can put it upside down or upright just depends on how close you want your wok to be. So I seasoned the wok for a few days. Basically wasn’t hard just put some oil, cook it for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the process a few times and then one of my buddies told me to do some aromatic veggie on there to get rid of the metallic taste of the wok and I did that and we were ready for business.

Lisa was off of work on Sunday and I had been dying to try this out so we got the necessities for some Asian style cooking not only for the day but also for future uses as well. Tried an Asian Mart and they had squadoosh there. Was quite disappointed so we went to Whole Foods instead. Got some 21/25 shrimp on sale and even though we had to peel and devein it was well worth it according to my wife. I set my Egg up to around 350 cause the oil I had said medium high heat and I didn’t want the oil to burn. Different oils have different burn temperatures and this was a mixture of different oils so I wasn’t going to push my luck. Most use peanut oil since that has a high burn temp but I thought the flavors of this oil was really good and it had peanut as part of it. I placed the Wok in and let that preheat for a few and then I poured some oil in it. I put the shrimp in and maybe took 2 minutes to cook up to pink as can be seen here

Shrimp on the wok

My kids are picky about veggies so I just picked some presliced sweet peppers at Whole Foods and put them on there after removing the shrimp and putting some more oil in. You take the shrimp out so you don’t overcook it while you are cooking the veggies. Obviously depending on the type of veggie and the doneness you want for those veggies will depend on how long they’ll be in the wok.

Veggies On the Wok

I let those cook for a little while and my daughter said the outside was smelling like Benihana’s but I’m not as talented as them because I didn’t throw any tails in my hat while cooking! Anyhow, after a few minutes of cooking the peppers I put the shrimp, the Udon Noodles (which are fantastic thick noodle) and veggies all together with their teriyaki sauce. I normally make my own but I was lazy and just bought some La Choy premade Teriyaki sauce and my wife said it was very good.

All together on the Wok

We cooked that till the sauce got thick and maybe everything took 10 minutes all together. The key with stir fry is that since everything goes so fast you need to do everything ahead of time. So if I would have bought the veggies whole I would have sliced them previous to this. I made sure my grill was set up with everything right there as I wouldn’t have time to run inside and get the sauce or anything.

Finally they get to eat and my wife said it was so good she didn’t want to stop eating the shrimp and noodles. My kids loved it and they ate it all up!

Plated Picture

Overall the experience of using the Wok on the Big Green Egg will prompt me to probably never order out for chinese again. I’m already thinking of sweet and sour chicken, mongolian beef, fried rice all the things I love to eat being made outdoors on the Egg. I’m telling you that if you don’t have an Egg or even any type of a Kamado cooker you are missing out big time. Sure the initial price outlay is hefty but the versatility this has and the fact I have a lifetime warranty on my Egg makes it worth it! I already see an addiction to the stir fry which is fine by me cause I’ll eat healthier cause of it!

By the way I had made myself a beef thai peanut stir fry, however, my phone died and was unable to take pictures but that was fantastic too!

Any suggestions of what other stir fries I should make?


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Love to use my Big Green Egg. Love sports, and coaching them. Love God, Jesus Christ, my wife and 3 kids!
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