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Grilled Balsamic Flank Steak

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated and I really apologize for that, however, there will be more frequent posts coming in the future. I certainly appreciate your following my blog and I hope you all look forward … Continue reading

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Turtle Eggs..The Ultimate Snack

No it’s not really turtle eggs but… Awhile back I had made some Turtle Eggs mainly cause the BBQ forum I am on was just blowing up with posts regarding them and I was looking for something new to make. … Continue reading

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I want my Baby Back Baby Back Ribs….

   Long time no post! Sorry for the huge delay in posting but I haven’t made much of anything super interesting lately and with my son’s baseball schedule it does make it harder to make long meals on the weekends. … Continue reading

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March Madness and Pizza Overload!

My favorite time of the year is here and that’s March Madness! I took Thursday and Friday off of work just for that well and my wife being out of town also so someone would be around with the kids … Continue reading

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The Adventure Begins

So I’ve toyed with this idea of a blog just so I could document my cooking adventures along with some tips or just some new ideas for people to try.  I am in by no way an expert but I … Continue reading

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